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Frequently Asked Questions !

As soon as you buy the membership, You will get access to the course dashboard where You can monitor Your Progress. You will automatically get access to Recorded Concepts & Videos While The Live Sessions Will be taken every week, You will be contacted on Email & Phone given for this.

You can start with as low as 3000 – 4000,  and use leverage to trade & earn in stock market. You just need proper training.

NO,We can gurantee you full support & proper training but as a Trader, Your hardwork will also matter at the end, nothing in this world comes without hardwork. Moreover Risk is proportional To Reward.

Algo Tools are specific Tools that are designed to help you Trade, 15 + Set of Tools are provided out of which some are for specific stocks while Some are applicable across all Stocks To Forex Commodities etc.

Stock Screener is designed to Help you Find Trading & Investing Oppurtunities, & help plan You Trades. It display information for India’s top 100 Stocks.

Yes, They are designed to help our Members earn. 

You will also get Proper Training on each Tool before You get access apart from Concept & Practical Training.

You can Visit Alpha Trading & Investing pages to learn in deep about the process. You will be encouraged to Paper Trade even after Proper Training so as to make you a Professional Trader to a certain level Even Before You start Trading.

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